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Fombell, PA


Gemstone Lighting

Get a fully customizable, waterproof, and convenient lighting installation for your property.


Customizable and Convenient Gemstone Lights for Your Property in Fombell, PA

Have you heard about gemstone lights? These are small, LED-powered lights that have their colors and intensity adjustable with a simple tap from a custom phone app! They’re perfect for outdoor features, such as around your roof and yard. Our employees are trained to attach these safely and properly around your property, providing a new look and feel that you can adjust to your mood.
Performance Seamless Gutters is committed to providing the best gemstone lights installation while keeping customers happy. We have over 24 years of experience serving our customers with the highest quality product, dedicated to customer satisfaction. Our professionals are considered experts in their field as we always cater to your specific needs.

The Different Features of Gem Lighting

Gemstone lights have a slew of different features to help elevate the look of your property. These features include:

  • Warm White LED – An additional white-colored light provides warmness to the color you select, providing a soothing color option.
  • Gemstone Lights Custom App – All lights can be controlled remotely through an Android or Apple phone app, with an internet cloud connection.
  • Guaranteed Long-Lasting Warranty – Gemstone lights can last 50,000 hours on average use, with no maintenance. The service includes a 5-year warranty for all products.
  • Individual Waterproof Connections – Ensures safety from any possible problems with your lights. This also includes easy replacement of broken bulbs.
  • Customizable Timers – Using the app, you can schedule specific lighting combinations at specific times and dates, throughout the day and night, or even the year.
    Architectural Lighting – Gemstone lights can be installed around roofs, pavements, walkways, gardens, and more. The design choice is yours to choose.

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Performance Seamless Gutters is committed to quality and service, providing gemstone lights installation for clients in Fombell, PA. Gemstone Lights offers a 5 year warranty on all of its products, so we can assure our clients that all lights used for our services are guaranteed high quality. Call us today for a free estimate!